Our story

Welcome to La Belle Unlimited!
I am Karina and La Belle was born when I was re-discovering myself after having my son.
As a woman, I always struggled with various insecurities, particularly about my stomach area. In my teens it just wasn’t flat enough, in my 20s – the bloating really made itself at home, and in my 30s I acquired some small scars from my surgery for endometriosis, which was then followed by the addition of a C Section scar after the birth of my little boy.
During that time I regularly took my son to swimming classes, which meant I needed a swimsuit that made me feel comfortable and confident.  I couldn’t find one.  And so La Belle Unlimited was born!
At La Belle, we design our swimwear where a combination of design, colours, patterns and materials work together to create the most flattering and comfortable swimwear for anyone that has any stomach related insecurities. Or if you would just like a fabulous swimsuit for no reason at all!
Each piece in our collection is developed and designed to make you feel confident, comfortable and chic in your swimwear.  Our pieces are timeless.
We handcraft our swimwear in Europe and carefully manage the manufacturing process to ensure high quality finishes on all our garments.  La Belle promotes slow fashion, and our pieces are designed for versatile and long-lasting use.
As for our name, La Belle Unlimited signifies unlimited beauty, which is what we all are in our own unique and individual way.
Thanks for visiting our online store and for joining our community. We hope you feel confident, comfortable, and chic wearing your La Belle swimwear!